You Don’t Have To Be A Granny To Knit in Public

I remember when I first started knitting, about four years ago.  I ONLY knit at home.  I wanted to be one of those knitters that could knit anywhere.  But…I was just too embarrassed.  Knit in public…me?  Never.  I just couldn’t do it.  Only grannies knit in public.  And what if someone asked me what I was knitting?

Well…what if someone DID asked me what I was knitting?

Ask me that question now and I’d answer with:  I’d turn to them and say “Oh, it’s just a little shawl I’m whipping up.  Isn’t it lovely?  And feel this yarn.  Isn’t it just so soft and squishy?  Do you knit?”  Or something like that.  LOL!

But that would not have been my answer four years ago.

Now, I am rarely without a knitting project.  If there is the slimmest chance that I might get some knitting time in there is no way I’m walking out the door without a project in hand.  Even if it’s just a couple of rows in the car (on the rare occasion I’m not driving).  I even take a project to work with me EVERY day in the hopes that I can squeeze in a row or two during lunch.

Before I changed day jobs I use to meet with a wonderful group of knitting ladies called The KIP Knitting Group or The Knitting In Public Knitting Group.  We would meet at a local coffee shop each week and spend a couple of hours knitting and catching up.  It was so fun.  I really miss that group of ladies.  And yes…people did ask us what we were knitting…and I didn’t die.

World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 by Danielle Landes. It began as a way for knitters to come together and to show that “not only grannies knit”.  It is the largest knitter run event in the world and takes place each year on the second Saturday in June. Each local event is put on by a volunteer or a group of volunteers.  You can find out more about World Wide Knit in Public Day here.

I don’t know if I will be knitting in public today.  But I don’t need a special day set aside to do it, although I am glad there is one.  And I’m not embarrassed or afraid someone will ask me about what I’m knitting anymore.  To me…everyday is a knit in public day.  To me…everyday is an opportunity to break the stereotype that only grannies knit.  Trust me…you don’t have to be a granny to knit in public…put it doesn’t hurt either.

I know…I am both a knitter and a granny.

Happy Knit In Public Day.

Until next time…

Create Joy Everyday




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