Handmade Christmas – 2016

Wow!  What a whirlwind Christmas was this year.  Everything went so fast I barely remember any of it.  I do remember rushing around like a crazy person.  I don't remember ever being so busy during the holidays.  Of course the holidays are always busy but this year just seemed literally insane. I usually try to … Continue reading Handmade Christmas – 2016


The “No Podcast” Podcast – Episode 1: September 2016-What’s On My Needles

Wow! Can you believe it's September already? Where did this year go? Summer's just about over but there's a few things I do love about September. One, is my granddaughters birthday is in September and I love any day I get to celebrate with her. It's also the beginning of fall - my favorite season: pumpkin spice lattes, halloween, knit sweaters and boots. What's not to love? In this very first episode of the "No Podcast" Podcast I'm sharing what's on my needles this month. (And if that title confuses you, it's ok. Read this post and it might clear things up. [as much as they can be cleared up].) So...let's get started, shall we.