Bored With Knitting?

Ok, I know, sounds like a stupid question.  But that was the theme for last weeks Stash Dive KAL for which I was a  sponsor.  If you want to know more about the Stash Dive KAL you can click here.

So, this really got me thinking.  What if you really did get bored with your knitting?  Could I come up with a bag idea using “Bored With Knitting” as an inspiration?



Introducing the Color Me Bag.

This bag is designed with special fabric that you can color and comes the fabric markers are included.  I even give you a handy little sheet with my tips for coloring on fabric.

This bag is available now and you can find it here.

I really love this idea and enjoyed “thinking outside the BAG” (ha ha!) to come up with this idea.  More designs will be added to the shop soon so check back.

Until next time,




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