Adventure Bag, Road Trip, Grab n’ Go Bag. What You Talkin’ bout Willis?

So just what am I talking about?  Well, these are the different kinds of bags I currently offer.

And why the “travel” theme?  Because what do you do with your project bags?

Obviously you store your projects in them but what else do with them?  You take them with you.  When you run errands, in the car on road trips, on planes.  So the names of my bags all reflect what they are best suited for.


Photo Dec 01, 10 32 43 AM

The Adventure Bag is up for anything.  It’s a big roomy bag that measures 15″ wide by 11.5″ tall and 5″ deep.  Plenty of room for a large project or several small projects.  Enough to keep you busy on any trip.  It has a zipper closure so you know everything will stay secure and it’s padded to help protect your expensive needles.  It’s sturdy and will stand on its own but you can also squish it up and throw it in a suitcase.  You can also roll the top down and put it in the seat next to you so you can easily knit in a car, a plane, public transportation, wherever you may be going.  And it has a handy wrist strap that makes it easy to carry.  It also features my special notions ring so you can easily access your stitch markers and scissors.


Road Trip Bag by The Handmaker's Bag

The Road Trip Bag is perfect for car trips.  It measures 10″ wide by 9.5″ tall and is 6″ deep so it fits great in the seat next to you but has plenty of room for your average car knitting project.  It has a drawstring closure which makes it super fast to put your knitting away.  You wouldn’t want to miss seeing the world’s largest ball of yarn because you couldn’t get your knitting back in your bag now would you?  But what really makes this bag unique is it’s souvenir collecting ability.

Road Trip Bag by The Handmaker's Bag

What do you do when you go on road trips?  You most likely pick up a souvenir or two.  Who doesn’t want to a little momento to remember their travels?  Or heck, maybe you’re not even going on a road trip.  You’re just collecting all those cute little pins I see all over Instagram.  This bag was created especially to display those pins.  Inside the lining is an opening that allows you to reach in between the outer fabric and the lining so you can fasten the  pin backs and then close up the lining protecting your yarn and your knitting from snagging on them.  Now, you might think that because there’s an opening in the lining that there would be all kinds of raw edges and ugly interfacing.  Not in my bags.  Everything is nicely finished all neat and tidy.


Photo Mar 01, 4 28 47 PM

The Grab n’ Go Bag is my newest design.  It’s a cute little bag perfect for small projects like socks or hats.  It measures 7″ wide by 10″ tall and 3″ deep.  It’s a simple no frills drawstring bag that’s perfect to carry around town as you’re running errands.  Keep one in the car filled with a pair of socks so you always have a project to work on as you’re waiting to pick up the kids.  You can easily throw it in your purse or backpack.  It’s just a great little grab n’ go bag for anytime you want to take a small project with you.

So…now you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

You can find all these bag sizes and more in my shop.  Just click the link at the top.


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