You may have read on the Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. website that my daughter has decided not to continue in the yarn dyeing business.  Yes, it’s very sad news and I will miss working with her.  But we all have to take the path that is best for us.  This has left me with some decisions to make about Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. and how I can make it work alongside my bag business at The Handmaker’s Bag.  So while my daughter and I will no longer be working together I have decided to keep Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. going.

The yarn shop will remain open for now but I will start to move the yarns over to The Handmaker’s Bag shop and eventually close the Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. shop.  Nothing else is changing about the yarns.  They will just be moving to a new online home.

I’m currently in the process of working out the best update schedule for you.  I’m not quite sure what day and time the updates will be yet but I do know they will be bi-weekly and consist of both yarn and bags.

If you are currently signed up to the Twig’s + Twine email list I encourage you go sign up for The Handmaker’s Bag VIC List to continue to get news on Twig’s + Twine Yarn Co.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Twigs + Twine Yarn Co. and I hope you will continue to do so.  Just now in it’s new place online.


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