Every year I see lots of people doing Christmas Eve cast ons and Day After Christmas cast ons.  Honestly, I don’t know how they do it.  I’m always so busy I don’t have time to think about a new cast on.  In fact I’m usually finishing up my gift knitting.  I don’t know why I always wait until the last minute to cast them on.  This year I want to be more intentional with my knitting and not only knit more projects but knit more for myself.  But more on that in another blog post.

Right now I want to talk about my New Year cast on.  I will be casting on a new project on New Years day and I’d like you to join me.  I’ve started a thread in my Ravelry group and you can post photos of your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #newyearcaston2018.

This is just a fun relaxing way to cheer each other on and do something for ourselves.  If you’re like me you’ve probably spent the last few months making projects for others.  It’s a new year and time for a new cast on just for us.

Here are the rules:

  1.  There are no rules.
  2. You can cast on anything you’d like
  3. WIP’s are exceptable
  4. Any questions about the rules see rule #1

So pick a pattern you’ve been wanting to knit for yourself.  Gather up your yarn and your needles.  And get ready to cast on.


I’ll be casting on a pair of socks for myself using the Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern by Erica Lueder and yarn from Norah George Yarns in the colorway Miracle on 34th Street.  I’ve had this yarn in my stash since last year and I’m excited to finally be knitting something with it.

I hope you join me and remember to hop on over to the Ravelry group and post in the thread what you’ll be knitting.

See you in 2018 with our knitting needles up.




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