Special Deliveries

My husband started dressing up as Santa when our kids were little. It was my ultimate goal to keep them believing in Santa as long as possible. I would go as far as making foot prints on the carpet with my husbands boots and flour (do not use real ashes, they don’t come out of your carpet – ask me how I know).  We would have special “Santa gifts” wrapped in special “Santa paper” because Santa wouldn’t have the same wrapping paper from Walmart. Nope, it was special paper that only the Santa gifts were wrapped in and never to be used again. After unwrapping the gifts under the tree and seeing what Santa had left in our stockings there would be an unexpected knock at the door. And to the delight of my children it would be Santa making a special delivery.

But they eventually realized it was their dad under that snowy white beard and the special deliveries stopped. (That’s why dad always missed Santa’s visit.)

Now, after an absence of many years Santa has returned making those special deliveries to our home.

And it is once again my ultimate goal to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and keep this little girl believing in Santa for as long as possible.

I’ve never seen a child who loves Santa more. She talks about him all year and when we asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her she said “nothing”. She just wanted to see Santa. So, of course Mom and Dad took her to see Santa and after getting her picture taken with him she decided she wanted a horsey (which is apparently different from a pony).

Well guess what…

Santa delivered.

Never underestimate the power of believing in Santa.

Merry Christmas.


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