I Feel So Violated

Ok, I’m going to have a little rant here because…well…it’s my blog and I can.

Someone recently pointed me in the direction of a project bag posted on Instagram.  When I had a look I noticed this bag looked very familiar.  That was because it was very similar to one I had created (and sold) back in February.  I also made one as a gift.  It wasn’t exactly the same but very close.  Same fabric, same detail stitching, even the bags dimensions were very close to the one I had made and the inside pocket was almost the exact same pocket I use in my bags.

Now I know I sell a product that is easy to recreate.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to sew a project bag.  There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet and anyone can log on and Google one.  I also don’t own the rights to any fabrics I use and anyone is free to purchase the same fabrics and use them anyway they want.  So my complaint with this person is not that she made a project bag or that she used the same fabric.  My complaint is with the design of her bag.  Looking back through her Instagram feed and her shop it’s clear that this particular bag is very different from the bags she’s been creating.

Now, this person doesn’t follow me but she does follow the person I made the gift for who did post it on Instagram.   So it’s very likely she saw it.  You might be thinking that it’s just a coincidence.  And it could be.  I can’t prove this person actually copied my bag. That is the only reason I’m not naming this person.  For if I could prove it I would no doubt out her.

Listen, this really irritates me.  I’ve worked long and hard to come up with my bag designs.  I’ve played around with different dimensions and fabric layouts to discover what I think works the best.  I didn’t copy my designs from another bagmaker.  Yes, I’m sure there are similarities in my bags to other bagmakers.  Truly there are only so many ways you can make a project bag.  It’s a very simple design.  I get all that.  But when your design suddenly changes and resembles mine, especially one that I believe you would have seen, it makes me suspicious.

As there’s really nothing I can do because like I said I can’t PROVE she copied my design I’m going to move on and let it go.  But be warned.  I’m keeping my eye on you.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well that may be true but I would prefer you not copy my designs.  Figure out your own.


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