Lallybroch Knitting Club

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to travel back in time to 18th century Scotland like Claire did in Outlander?  I’m sure life was hard then but I would love to be able to go back just for a while to see what it was like.

One of my favorite scenes in Outlander is the wool waulking scene in which Claire encounters a group of women in one of the villages they stop in to collect the rent.  While Dougal and the others are collecting the rent Claire wonders off and meets a group of women waulking wool and joins them in their task.  Now, you may be wondering why this is one of my favorite scenes when there are so many great scenes in Outlander.  But what I love about this scene is the sense of community you get.  All the women working together, talking, singing and just their general comradery.

I can’t take you back to 18th century Scotland but I can help you quench your droutlander and hopefully create that same sense of community.  As any Outlander fan surely knows by now Season 3 will not be returning until September.  That’s a long time to wait.  So to help get us through I’ve created the Lallybroch Knitting Club.


The Lallybroch Knitting Club is a 3 month subscription club.  Each month you will receive a package in the mail based on the Outlander theme – Thistle.  Your first package will ship in June.  But there is so much more to this club than just project bags.  Here’s what you will receive as a member…

Month 1 – June

  1. Notions bag
  2. Stitch Marker set
  3. DPN Cozy
  4. Surprise gift #1
  5. Surprise gift #2

Month 2 – July

  1. Project bag
  2. Surprise gift #1
  3. Surprise gift #2

Month 3 – August

  1. OOAK Club Yarn from Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.
  2. Surprise gift #1
  3. Surprise gift #2

And I’m sure there will be some extra little things tucked in too.  Everything in the club is exclusive and will only be available to club members.  But the fun doesn’t stop after your last package arrives.  In September, just in time for the return of Outlander, I will be hosting a club knit along.  I’ll be telling you more about the knit along later but what I can tell you is that it will be hosted in The Handmaker’s Bag Ravelry group and there will be prizes.

The club will go on sale in my shop on Thursday, April 20th for $97.00 plus shipping.  This is the total cost for all 3 months.  Spaces are limited so make sure you sign up early.

I’ve had so much fun planning this club and sourcing out fun items to include in the packages including something very personalized (hint hint).  And I already have some fun prizes lined up for the knit along.  I’m so excited and hope you will join me in the Lallybroch Knitting Club.


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