Do you make new year resolutions?  Do you keep them?

There is just something about a new year that makes me want to start everything fresh. Fresh new planner, new projects, new ideas. Do you feel that way too?

I usually make some resolutions every year.  Usually the same ones; be more organized, manage my time better, get more done, blog more, lose some weight (wait, what?).  And I do ok for a few months.  But then life gets in the way, I get busy or I tend to just forget about them and they just seem to not be as important to me anymore.  That fresh new smell wears off.

I wanted to make 2017 different.  I want this to be the year I “GET THINGS DONE”.

But if we keep doing the same things we’ve always done we’ll just keep getting the same results, right?  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  Something like that anyway.

So this year instead of making resolutions I decided to have a “WORD”.

What one word could describe what I needed to do to accomplish what I want to accomplish, whatever that may be?  What one word could keep me on track.?  What one word could I use to remind myself to stick to my goals?

Well, first I needed to figure out what those goals were and what I wanted to accomplish.  And mainly, without giving you a long list of to-do’s, I just want to; again “GET THINGS DONE”.  I’ve had this problem of starting things and then not getting them finished or running out of time and scrambling at the last minute.  And frankly, I’m tired.

I want to experience that feeling of joy and accomplishment when you complete a project and I want to experience it a lot.

So my word for 2017 is (drumroll please)…




For me the word FOCUS describes exactly what I need to do.

I need to set clear goals and FOCUS on that goal until it’s completed.  I need to stick to the task at hand and FOCUS.

I’m easily distracted (squirrel)…and I know this.  Show me a cute fabric or a  pretty new yarn or a gorgeous new pattern and I totally forget what I was doing and I’m off ready to start something new.  And then, at the end of the year, I have no completed projects.  (Read more about that here.)

I like the word FOCUS because it’s something I can remind myself to do when I (squirrel)…get distracted.  I’ve already had to remind myself a couple of times and believe it or not it actually worked for me.

So…will this word keep me from distractions and help me get things done?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait until the end of 2017 to see.

What are your thoughts on resolutions?  Do you make them?  Do you have a word?  Leave your comments below.  I’d love to know your ideas on this.



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