Handmade Christmas – 2016

Wow!  What a whirlwind Christmas was this year.  Everything went so fast I barely remember any of it.  I do remember rushing around like a crazy person.  I don’t remember ever being so busy during the holidays.  Of course the holidays are always busy but this year just seemed literally insane.

I usually try to make some handmade gifts for Christmas.  My hope is always to make at least one handmade gift for each person.  But of course that rarely happens.  In fact, I don’t know if that’s ever happened.

But…I did manage to knit a hat for my son-in-law.  This was the only handknit gift I actually finished.


And I’m happy to say my son-in-law loved it.  He wore it all Christmas Day after he opened it and I hear he’s still wearing it.

I also made some cute pajamas for my granddaughter.  I just love how these turned out.


This was actually fabric I had in my stash so I was pretty happy with myself.  But then I took a trip to the fabric store and found some super cute flannel and just had to get it.  So now there’s more flannel in my stash.  But…I’m hoping to make my granddaughter some more of these cute pj’s.  And not only are the pj’s cute my little granddaughter looks adorable wearing them.

What I didn’t get finished was a handknit hat for my son and my husband.  But I’ve promised to knit them one soon.

I also didn’t get this lovely shawl finished for my son’s girlfriend.  This is the Reyna Shawl pattern by Noora Laivola.  


I just love the pattern and texture in this shawl and the stitch definition is amazing.

I really tried my best to get this shawl finished in time for Christmas.  I was knitting on it like a mad woman.  In fact, I knit on it right up to the time my son and his girlfriend arrived at our house on Christmas Day.  I just couldn’t get it done.

But just because Christmas has come and gone doesn’t mean this shawl has fallen to the wayside.  I’m still steadily trodding along and hope to be finished soon.  You can always check out my progress on my What’s On My Needles page.

Well…that was it for the handmade gifts this year.  I know I say this every year and somehow every year it never happens but…I’m hoping to make more of my gifts next year and have at least one handmade gift under the tree for each person.  We’ll see how close I can get.

Until next time…

Create Joy Everyday





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