September 2016 Collection: Wool in the Wild

It’s been a  long time in the “making” (pun intended) but I’m finally releasing my first collection – Wool in the Wild.

This collection is made up of fun whimsical fabrics that include sheep (some knitting), foxes, rabbits and squirrels and cute little kissing hedgehogs.  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s included.

Sock Sack Sets – Each Sock Sack Set includes a project bag, needle cozy and progress keeper.


The project bag has a sturdy drawstring made from cording and has both an inside and outside pocket and a square bottom.  Why a square bottom?  To maximize usable space within the bag.  This bag can hold 3 wound 100g skeins of yarn comfortably.  It measures 7″ wide x 10″ tall x 7″ deep.  It’s the perfect size for any small project including socks, small embroidery projects or small hand piecing projects.

Zip-Up Bags – These project bags are perfect for your small to medium sized projects.  They can hold up to 4 unwound 100g skeins of yarn.  They are great for shawl knitting or medium embroidery or cross stitch projects.  They measure 15′ wide x 11.5″ tall x 5″ deep.

But the real hidden treasure in these bags is the tool holder. I’ve attached a hook right up at the top of the inside of the bag to hold all your little notions like stitch markers and progress keepers and even a pair of scissors. All those little things we need for our projects but tend to get lost in the bottom of our bags. Now you can keep them right up at the top of your bag where they are easily accessible.


There’s also plenty of needle cozies in this collection.  Now I know you’ve seen these all around the internet.  But what makes my needle cozies different?  They work great with both DPN’s and circular needles.  That’s right.  If you like to knit your socks on circular needles you can use these needle cozies to protect your stitches and keep them from falling off your needles when you put your work down without crimping your cord.  I’ve left one end open to allow the circular needle cord to fit without being bent.  And they still work beautifully with DPN’s.


There will also be stitch markers and progress keepers available in this collection.  All matching the theme of Wool in the Wild.

The shop update is tomorrow at 7:00 pm PST.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to know exactly when the listings go live.

Until next time…



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