The “No Podcast” Podcast – Episode 1: September 2016-What’s On My Needles

Wow!  Can you believe it’s September already?  Where did this year go?  There’s already a chill in the air.  Summer’s just about over but there’s a few things I do love about September.  One, is my granddaughters birthday is in September and I love any day I get to celebrate with her.  It’s also the beginning of fall – my favorite season:  pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, knit sweaters and boots, National Craft Month.  What’s not to love?

In this very first episode of the “No Podcast” Podcast I’m sharing what’s on my needles this month.  (And if that title confuses you, it’s OK.  Read this post and it might clear things up. [as much as they can be cleared up].)

So…let’s get started, shall we.

I’m still continuing on with the Year of Dishcloths KAL.  I’m a bit behind and trying to play catch up.  April’s dishcloth just kicked me in the butt and I couldn’t get it worked out.  But I’m happy to say I FINALLY got it finished and have moved on to June.  Here is May’s dishcloth.


And speaking of the Year of Dishcloth KAL.  If you’re knitting along and wondering what the dishcloth for September is…well…wait no more.  September’s dishcloth is Snakes and Ladders by Michelle Krause

If you want to find out more or join in the KAL just jump on over to my Ravelry group and check out the thread there.  The KAL will be going on through the end of the year and you can join in anytime.

I’m also still working on my Sunday Blanket.  I keep this blanket along with all my little mini skeins in a drawer in my coffee table.  On Sunday mornings my husband and I like to watch Sunday Morning on CBS while we have our coffee.  This is a perfect time for me to work on this because by the time Sunday Morning on CBS is over and my cup is empty my square is finished.


The fun thing about this afghan is I never know what yarn I’m going to choose next and it’s fun to just see where it goes.

I’ve also cast on a couple of new projects that I can’t really give you much information about.  Because…well…one is a surprise and the other…my daughter says I pretty much have to keep it under wraps.

I can tell you that one is being made with lovely yarn from Lolo Did It and here’s a little sneaky peek.


I will give you more info about these later on when I can.

I also pulled out a project that I haven’t worked on for awhile.  My Scalloped Piedras Shawl.  I started this shawl back on December 1, 2015 when I didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to knitting.  I didn’t know how to read my knitting and I wasn’t very comfortable tinking back or pulling my knitting out when I made a mistake so hence the lifelines.  I don’t really feel I need the lifelines on this project anymore.  This is a fairly simple pattern – just stockinette, so they are mostly just there to count rows now.  But hey…I definitely believe in using lifelines.


I pulled this out the other night when my husband and I went to dinner.  It makes for great car knitting.

On the sewing machine…well I’m a little behind on my sewing projects.  If you read this post than you know that my plan was to sew one project a month (that didn’t include bag making).  Well, I don’t know where the time went but I didn’t get a sewing project done in August.  So I’ve moved the project I had planned for August over to September.

My little granddaughters birthday is in September and last year my daughter threw her a Minnie Mouse themed party and I made her the cutest Minnie Mouse dress complete with ears.  Her she is in her first year photo.


So this year I of course wanted to make her another birthday outfit.  I’m hoping to make this a yearly tradition.  And even though I’m running behind and her birthday has already past a few days ago I still intend on getting her birthday outfit finished.  We haven’t really celebrated it yet so I think it will be OK that it’s belated.

I’ve already purchased the cutest patterns from The Cottage Mama and the sweetest fabric.  I can’t wait to get started on this.

This year for Halloween she will be dressing up as a Minion so I will be making her a Minion Hat to go along with the rest of her costume my daughter is putting together.  I’m hoping to also have this finished this month but we will see.  I also have a new bag collection to work on so this might get pushed over to October.  Look for future posts on these projects.

Well…that’s about it for this episode.  Look for episode 2 coming in a couple of weeks when I’ll be sharing some fabulous yarn and fabric acquisitions in “It’s Not Hoarding.  It’s COLLECTING”.

Before I go though I just want to share a bit of “Shop News” with you.  I will be releasing my first collection:  “Wool in the Wild” next Sunday.  You can see the collection here.  Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to know when the update goes live.

I’d love to know what’s on your needles.  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Until next time,

Create Joy Everyday





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