Hey, Where’s the Podcast?

A few months ago, under my old business and website name, I started a podcast.  (A few of you might remember it.)  I really enjoy watching other knitting and sewing podcasts and thought it would be quite fun to create my own.  And it was. I really enjoyed sharing all the crafty stuff that was going on.

I was only 3 episodes in when I decided to change my business name and thus start a new website.  My intention was to restart the podcast under my new name.  Even though I was very new at podcasting and those first few episodes were very rough (cringe) I was learning and had some fun ideas.  And I know a few of you are wondering “Hey, where’s the podcast?”.

Well…I’m sorry to say there will not be a new podcast.  It’s something I really wanted to do.  Like I said, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.  But I’m afraid my life just doesn’t have time to allot for a podcast at this time.  I was really hoping I could somehow squeeze it in.  I’ve even recorded a new episode.  But just finding time to record it wasn’t the only problem.  It’s now sitting on my computer waiting to be edited.  Sitting there for the last two weeks.  It’s already old news by now and I haven’t even had a chance to edit it.

Between working the full time job, a side business, countless knitting and sewing projects, a toddling granddaughter, family, dogs and life in general I just can’t manage to squeeze it in.  Yes…I’m disappointed too.

But all is not lost.  I may not have the time to put together a video podcast but I still want to share with you the sewing and knitting I’m working on, future projects I have planned and all the things that are happening in my crafty life.  As I was contemplating how I could best do that this blog came to mind.  I may not have the time to put together a whole video but I can share all those same things right here.

So watch this space for more crafty goodness coming your way.  I’ll be updating you on all the things that I would normally share in the podcast right here.  If you want to be reminded when I post something new just hit that subscribe button.  I can’t wait to share all the crafty goodness with you.

Until then…

Create Joy Everyday




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